What is the connection between your house and climate change?

Posted By on Dec 5, 2018


People find difficult to make decisions, especially when these decisions imply they changing the way they act daily. Daily you have to make thousands of decisions, what to say, what to eat, where to go and who to vote. Every day of your life comes with an endless list of questions, and lately the climate change problem is one of the subjects people are talking about. The main question people ask themselves when they discuss about climate change, is β€œIs this problem affecting me?” The answer is that it affects both you, as a person and your house. And, what is more important, you are one of the factors that are leading to climate change, literally, your actions are the ones that increase its effects. Do you want to stop the effects climate change has on your house? Then here is a list of what you should do, install ceiling fans, take a flood insurance, and plant trees around the house to maintain it cool during summer.

What is the connection between your house and climate change

How to make your house climate ready?

Your main purpose should be to curb greenhouse gas emissions from entering your house. If you want to protect yourself from experiencing the effects of climate change inside your house then you should start by installing solid panel shutters because they will maintain your house cold during the hot days of summer. Also, it is advisable to paint the outside walls of the house in white, because it is a shade that reflects heat. Planting trees will offer you extra shade. And thick vegetation planted around your property will keep the water back. The wooden shutters will allow you to keep the windows open at night, without being worried about someone entering your house.

How is your house influencing climate change?

People want to feel warm and cosy in their houses, and during the cold season, they increase the temperatures indoors. But, you should know that if you boost the temperature levels in your house, you will lead to drought land surfaces. When the temperatures are higher than the normal level, they lead to a rise in sea level. Why should you worry about a rise in the sea levels? Because this is the main factor that leads to intense hurricanes and cyclones. Nowadays, the planet is experiencing a high risk of natural disasters, and your house can be at a risk of being destroyed because of them.

Your actions influence climate change

The simple actions of throwing junky mail can be highly damaging to the surrounding environment. What people do not know about junk mail is that every year around 100 million trees are destroyed to produce the paper used for the mail you throw away so easily. Every year around 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gases are created because of the 100 million pieces of junk mail people are throwing. You may find it hard to believe, but by throwing your mail, and not properly recycling it, you become a factor in creating air pollution.