Ways the world could end

Posted By on May 4, 2018


Have you ever thought how the end of the world would be? Medium and scientists have predicted numerous ways of how the world would end. There are many factors that could bring doom to humanity. The bad news is that the world is going to end one day, and people can do nothing to stop it. But until then we may have millions of years, so you should enjoy your time until the moment will come. But what the end would be? A new great flood? A supervulacano? Planet Nibiru? A Black Hole? Third world war started by Donald Trump? Some mediums predict that the end of the world would come in the form of an Apocalypse. The fact is that our world still is filled with mysticism and people consider this claim more real than other ones.


Climate change can lead to world end

If it were to go to a medium and ask them what would bring the world to an end, they may tell you that they can see how in the future the human kind will perish due to climate change. There were multiple debates on the subject of the rising global temperatures, and the consequences seem to be destructive. Billions of people could die because of the extreme weather conditions from the recent years, from the low quantity of food resources and because of the rising of ocean levels. The fact is that the climate change may not lead to the end of the world, but will definitely change the way our planet looks today. So it is important to protect the environment as long as we still have this opportunity.

Mediums predict an asteroid impact

From the oldest times mediums predicted that the world will end when an asteroid will hit our planet. If it were for a big asteroid to hit the Earth, then it does not matter where it will land, because it will lead to global cooling because of the dust generated by the impact, and people are not likely to survive. An asteroid has the power to cause great extinction, and it is considered that one generated the end of dinosaurs. If you are curious to find what other possibilities for the world to end are, then you should join a free medium chat because the subject is highly discussed.

Environmental toxins are a real danger

All around the world there are industrial pollutants, and the process of poisoning our world does not seem to stop. In every city of the world people breath air filled with diesel particles, and health organisations consider this phenomenon a carcinogen. The heavy metals have somehow managed to get even to Antarctica. The extensive use of pesticides and other poisonous products will lead to the end of the world, and this is no secret for everyone.

Aliens will extinct us as a race

Think at the movies that show how aliens extinct the human race, have you ever asked what the inspiration source is. Hawking considered that if we are ever contacted by aliens, we should think twice before answering, because there is great danger in meeting an advanced civilization. It may not turn well for the Earth if aliens decide to invade our planet.