Sustainable Houses

Posted By on Jul 23, 2015

Building a house costs you money, but the damages that running a house can cause to the environment can not be measured in any way. This is why more and more people all over the world are starting to be more self-aware when they build a house and they are looking for ways to minimize the impact on the environment by choosing sustainable technologies designed to protect the nature. Here are some of the most remarkable houses which incorporate clever sustainable living solutions.
Sustainable Houses Picture Sustainable Houses Picture

Waste House

As the name suggests, this sustainable building was created using almost only household and construction waste, including 4000 DVD cases, 2000 used carpet tiles, 20000 toothbrushes and over 2000 floppy discs. No one has lived in this house until now, but it has certainly proved that there is no such thing as waste, just items used in the wrong way. A sustainable house like this needs to rely on eco-friendly systems that supply it with water, like a whole house water filter that eliminates the contaminants that could affect the environment. Aquasana Premium Rhino, one of the WaterFilterSystem.Reviews top picks, is an excellent addition to a green home thanks to its efficiency in removing most of the water pollutants that are dangerous to the environment and are often found in water. Aquasana is great at removing gases, metals, and bacteria from the water in high proportions so there will be little to no contaminants going into the air or soil. Many other water filters found at are compatible with the eco-friendly concept of sustainable homes.

Fall House

Besides the environmentally friendly aspect, this house in San Francisco was designed and built as a luxurious and stunning house on the coastline of California. The copper facade is a great aesthetic aspect, while also protecting the house from fire, the windows in this house are energy efficient and they open automatically to reduce the need for an air-conditioning system and there is also a water recycling system installed inside the house. Who says that aesthetics and sustainable living solutions don’t go well together?
Sustainable Houses Picture Sustainable Houses Picture

Tight House

This is an old house that has undergone a series of transformations and improvements designed to make it a sustainable house. The architect added a new rear facade, another floor, a roof terrace and an art studio and installed two solar thermal panels that provide with hot water and several solar PV panels to reduce the grid electricity consumption. Since this house is almost air-tight, there is a very efficient heat recovery ventilation system that is always running to assure fresh air.

P.A.T.H. House

This is an acronym for Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes and is an initiative of a French designer and a Slovenian prefab firm. They designed house that can have various shapes and sizes and can be made of all glass, all wood or a combination of wood and glass, combined with sustainable technologies in roof based solar array, a rainwater collection and filtration system and a roof based wind turbine.
Sustainable Houses Picture Sustainable Houses Picture

Slip House

The Slip house is available in the UK as an affordable sustainable home located in industrial and commercial areas. It has an unusual shape consisting of three slipped boxes and it features solar panels, mechanical ventilation, a rainwater tank, triple glazing and a high level of insulation. Although this house is only a prototype, it is believed to be a revolutionizing idea in terms of sustainable house building industry.