Kia Sorento – a car for all existent desires 

Posted By on Dec 14, 2017


The latest car that Kia introduced to the automotive market is the Sorento model. This car is mesmerizing for anyone who knows at least some things about cars in general. What makes the Kia Sorento pop out? Well, the many features it comes equipped with, the attractive price, the amazing looks and the huge leg room for all passengers are probably enough details to make you want to find out more about it. Plus, you can look for Kia Sorento details at Edmunds right now. Check out the main features of this gorgeous car and don’t hesitate to look into buying it.

Kia Sorento - a car for all existent desires

Basic features

The four-doored car offers the driver and the passenger so much leg room it will actually take time to get used to it. Usually, when driving a car, you won’t feel as much comfort as you will do in the Sorento. It is a front-wheel drive and is equipped with 3.3 V-6 engine, suitable for the size and purpose of this beast on wheels. The transmission is automatic, which will probably make you want to try it even more, considering how useful automatic transmissions are during driving.

The regular unleaded engine can reach almost 300 horsepower, which is tremendous and unbeatable by cars in this price range and sizing. The transmission also has a driver selectable mode included. For safety matters, the new Kia is equipped with an ESC and RSC system, which will give this big car stability on bumpy roads. The ABS and driveline traction control are present as well, for the most pleasant driving experience ever.

What’s next?

The appearance of the superb Kia Sorento will turn heads on the streets instantly. It is a big car, but it’s built in such a beautiful manner that you can enjoy just looking at it in front of your house. The steel/silver accents on the wheels, the clearcoat paint in whatever color you desire, the chrome side windows trip – they all make this car look like it’s coming from a luxury automotive magazine.

There is nothing you won’t like about this beauty and it’s all completed by the cozy interior. Long travel trips? No problem. Need lots of storage space? Not a problem at all. You want power AND looks? You will have it all by simply buying the Kia Sorento, a truly gorgeous car that will meet all your possible expectations.