How to Benefit from Healthy Tap Water

Posted By on Apr 26, 2015

Water as it, is is an essential part of your existence and it would be impossible for you to live without it. However, not all the water you drink is clean and healthy enough, and some of the contaminants in it can cause serious health problems. In order to avoid these health issues, you can choose to turn your tap water into a healthier one with the help of two useful devices, namely the water filter and the water ionizer. Below we will explain how these devices can make tap water safer for drinking.
How to Benefit from Healthy Tap Water Picture How to Benefit from Healthy Tap Water Picture

Clean water with a water filter

The easiest way of getting healthy tap water is to use a water filter through which water passes, leaving all the impurities and contaminants behind. A water filter doesn’t consist only of a filter that retains large particles like sand, dust, and rust because that would be too easy and you could get clean tap water by using a thin cloth. The water filter uses many advanced techniques designed to remove microscopic particles from the water and even molecules of gas, heavy metals, bacteria, and cysts. You can choose from a variety of water filters, depending on the filtering performance you want to obtain. If you are only interested in healthy tap water for cooking or drinking at one water source in your house, you should opt for a countertop unit or an under sink one. But if you want to have healthy water at every tap in your house, it’s best that you choose a whole house water filter that is installed on the main water line and can handle all the water in your house.
How to Benefit from Healthy Tap Water Picture How to Benefit from Healthy Tap Water Picture

Alkaline water with a water ionizer

Another efficient way to improve the quality of your tap water is to install a water ionizer that changes the acid level of the regular tap water. This is done with the help of a water ionizer which adds ion particles to the water through a process called electrolysis. This adds to the pH level of the water, making it more alkaline and more beneficial to your health. Alkaline water is believed to be able to delay the aging process of the human body, it adjusts the levels of acid in the stomach, boosts the energy level, and improves the oxygen delivery to the brain. If you read some reviews of the best water ionizers on the WaterIonizer.Reviews site, you will see that a modern water ionizer ca also filter the water because of the two chambers it has inside. The first one includes an activated carbon filter that retains most of the contaminants existing in the tap water. Then, the water goes into the other chamber for the electrolysis process that enhances its beneficial effects on your health.