Greener ways to heat your home

Posted By on Jan 11, 2018


When talking about ways to help save the environment, eating healthier, reducing food waste and recycling plastic and paper seem to be some of the easiest solutions in contrast to a much bigger problem. How you choose to heat your home has a big impact on the environment but people prefer to close their eyes to the harm that they carelessly do and thus, this is why the way you heat your home is nowadays of great importance. Yes, some of the greener ways to heat your home are quite expensive but there are still budget-friendly options which you can consider implementing if you really care about how big of a footprint your home has on the environment. Moreover, powers of the world may try to reduce pollution but what is sure is that lowering the pollution cannot be done without our help – the common herd. Likewise, if more of us would really start to care about the bad effects that we alone are producing to the environment, then the Planet would be a better and safer place for the upcoming generations.

Greener ways to heat your home

Active solar heating systems

One of the greener ways to heat your home is to use an active solar heating system. This heating system is great because it uses solar energy in order to heat a fluid, be it liquid or air. After the fluid is heated, the active solar heating system transfers the solar heat immediately to your home or to a storage system for later use. This way of heating your home is most-effective in countries with a cold climate and good solar resources and also, by installing an active solar heating system, your fuel bills will significantly reduce in the winter time. More importantly, you will have a good impact on the environment for this heating system will reduce the greenhouse gases and air pollution that result from the use of fossil fuels.

Biomass boilers

Choosing a biomass boiler as a way to heat your home can cause you some difficulties in the beginning. For example, if you want to install a biomass boiler, you should first need to think about the space you want to place it into. This means that you will need quite some space because the biomass boilers tend to be larger than a gas or oil fired boiler but beside this small obstacle, a biomass boiler is an affordable heating system. Depending on the type of wood that you decide to use, logs, wood pellet or wood chip are best for wood fuel boiler systems. Moreover, if you have an exact budget for your heating system, you may want to use logs for this is the cheapest option. Also, a basic boiler care is required so you may want to have the homecare call out number at hand.

Geothermal heating systems

A geothermal heating system absorbs the heat that is stored in the ground for the ground itself absorbs the solar energy that our planet receives. With that being said, below its surface, the earth has a moderate temperature all year round. Geothermal heating systems absorb the heat through the pipes buried in the ground. Finally, because this heating system does not require a lot of electricity, it is a great, green and cheap way to heat your entire home.