Green Heating Solutions

Posted By on Oct 8, 2014

When it comes to designing a green home, one of the biggest challenges that you can come across is finding a green heating solution. Nowadays, there are a lot of alternative energies that can generate heat, yet most of them are expensive to implement and not that efficient. In what follows, we will discuss the most useful green heating solutions.

Green Heating Solutions Picture Green Heating Solutions Picture

Heat pumps

Despite the fact that it has been on the market for a few years now, this heating technology is not known by a lot of people. Heat pumps work by creating a heat exchange between the indoor air and the ground heat. They can use either a refrigerant fluid or plain water. Some heat pumps have a double function, being able to heat the indoor air in the winter time and cool it in the summer time. They can be quite expensive, but the investment will be pay off in a few years. Moreover, since gas is a limited resource whose price keeps getting higher and higher, heat pumps seem to be the best heating solution for the future. Experts estimate that the Earth’s gas resources will be emptied in 25-35 years. By contrast, a good heat pump can last up to 50 years.

Biomass heating systems

At the moment, biomass is probably the most efficient green heating solution. Biomass energy comes from trees and plants. One might argue that biomass is not really green since it also emits pollutants. However, since fuel oil has been trapped inside the earth for millions of years, burning it disturbs the natural balance of the Earth gases. Trees and plants on the other hand absorb carbon until they mature. Burning them only releases the carbon that the plants would have released upon their natural death. Moreover, in order to continue to use biomass, plants and trees must be constantly planted, thus maintaining a balance. Furthermore, a biomass heating system releases less carbon than a wood stove. Biomass is also cheap and switching to it can decrease your heating costs by up to 50%.

Infrared heaters

This heating solution is indeed green, but it is not always affordable. There are two main types of infrared heaters: the ones that use gas and the ones that use electricity. The best infrared heater models are the ones that use electricity, because they are more environmentally friendly as they don’t release any toxic fumes into the air. However, in most parts of the world, electricity is more expensive than gas. Our advice would be not to use infrared heating as the main heating source, but as a supplement. This is particularly efficient if you have big rooms that take a long time to heat. If you have a house with several floors, an infrared heater is a great solution for a downstairs room. Warm air tends to go upwards, so it is very hard to heat the first floor. Nevertheless, infrared heaters don’t heat the air around them, but the objects and the people located in their range. The best infrared heater should have a wide range and it should be easy to use, preferably with the help of a remote control. If you want to find an infrared heater suitable for your home, read some heater reviews on and see which unit offers the most advantages.