Environmentally Friendly Home Security Solutions

Posted By on Apr 30, 2015

Your home security is extremely important and so is the energy-efficiency of the devices you use for that matter. If you manage to solve both the security and the energy-saving issues, you can set assure knowing that you will be safe at home while protecting the environment. The following examples are the best environmentally friendly home security solutions you can opt for.

Choose a recycled security camera or a solar panel one

Some security companies are offering security cameras made of recycled materials and parts from old systems in order to limit the production and use of electronic components. Moreover, you can opt for a security camera powered by solar energy from a solar panel that absorbs energy from the sun and transmits it to the camera. This way, the security system will offer you surveillance without using electricity from your house supply.
Environmentally Friendly Home Security Solutions Picture Environmentally Friendly Home Security Solutions Picture

Use lighting efficiently when you are not a home

Most people decide to leave many lights on when they leave home because they don’t want others to know their house is empty. While this method can be efficient, it can also be very energy consuming. Instead of leaving all the lights on while you are not at home, you should consider choosing multiple timers that turn the lights on and off at several time intervals. This way, your house will seem occupied without using too much electricity and potential intruders will stay away.

Use motion detection outdoor lighting

Having a well-lit yard is essential when it comes to keeping your house safe from intruders that take advantage of the dark areas of your house. However, having multiple outdoor lights that stay on throughout the night is not an environmentally friendly solution, even though you are using LED bulbs that are more effective. You can opt for the motion detection lighting systems that only turn on when they sense motion, thus limiting the energy use. This way, if someone tries to break into your house, the motion lights will turn on and will discourage them to go on with their plan. Another great advantage of the motion detection lights is that you can opt for solar-powered models that use sunlight in order to recharge.
Environmentally Friendly Home Security Solutions Picture Environmentally Friendly Home Security Solutions Picture

Opt for a low-consuming garage door opener

Your garage can be the perfect entrance for burglars to get into your house, so make sure you always keep it closed tightly. For this, you can use a garage door opener with a very low consumption that will ensure the door is very well closed every time you leave home. Go to the garagedooropener.best website, check out several garage door openers and see which one provides maximum efficiency without adding too much to your electricity bill.