Eco-Friendly Hair Flat Irons

Posted By on Apr 22, 2015

Flat irons are frequently used by women who want to have perfectly straight hair or delicate curls with a simple slide of the flat iron over their hair. The latest models feature technologies designed to protect the hair against heat damage and keep the hair shiny and moisturized. If you take a look at some reviews, you will see that modern flat irons come with many innovative features and they are suited for any type of hair. While taking care of your hair, protecting it against the high temperatures and making sure the damage on the hair is minimum, a good hair flat iron should also be Eco-friendly so that it will also protect the environment and minimize the damage it causes it. Discover below which are the best flat irons that protect both your hair and the environment.
Eco-Friendly Hair Flat Irons Picture Eco-Friendly Hair Flat Irons Picture

Pure Heat G-0147 Earthstik Flat Iron Pure-Ion Ceramic

This is cutting edge product, designed with the latest technologies in terms of safe and healthy hair straightening. The Pure Heat G-0147 flat iron features ceramic plates infused with the innovative technology called floating nano tourmaline, which is the latest trend in the industry. These plates do not emit gases that could pollute the air, which means the flat iron is 100% Eco-friendly. Furthermore, the product is made with recycled components and it is delivered in recycled packaging to limit the damage on the environment.
Eco-Friendly Hair Flat Irons Picture Eco-Friendly Hair Flat Irons Picture

FHI Heat Do More Flat Iron

Not only the green 1” plates on this flat iron make you guess it is an Eco-friendly product, but also the fact that it automatically adjusts the temperature to the needs of your hair so that you will not waste energy by using a temperature too high for your hair. This way, your hair will be straightened in the right amount of time and with the proper amount of heat, so that the effect on your hair and on the environment will be minimum. Moreover, FHI donates $1 for each flat iron sold to an organization that will plant 10 trees for every dollar received, to help protect nature.
Eco-Friendly Hair Flat Irons Picture Eco-Friendly Hair Flat Irons Picture

Turboion Croc Infrared Flat Iron

This Eco-friendly flat iron features a worldwide patented infra-generator, which is a component that produces a large amount of healthy infrared heat that acts very fast on your hair. This technology results in an efficient hair straightening with minimum damage due to high temperatures and a conditioned and nourished hair throughout the process. Also, the Turboion Croc flat iron features the first environmentally friendly Green FND digital display. The plates are designed with the unique dual plates shape that features a full ceramic heater under each half for the fastest and most even heat you can find in a flat iron.