Downsizing your closet – less old items means more space for new ones

Posted By on Jul 13, 2018

Have you ever looked into your closet and thought you have too many clothes that you no longer wear? This happens to most people and they usually avoid this chore because they think it will take too long to put everything in boxes and store them away. In reality, it is an easy task that will save you a lot of trouble and will help you save space for new clothes that you are actually going to wear. This article is meant to be a guide that should help you downsize your closet and make room for new items.

Even though you are a bit scared about this, you should know that it won’t take you longer than one day to finish and you will be extra happy with the results you will get. Your life is going to be easier knowing that you don’t have to dig through mountains of clothes just to find a pair of pants you wear all the time. Cleaning up the closet will be the best decision you made lately and it might also help you feel more organized. Perceive it as a relaxing, productive activity for a Friday night and everything will work out great. Here are the tips that will help you do it:

Downsizing your closet - less old items means more space for new ones

Don’t store everything at home

If you just move a pile of clothes from one side of the room to the other, you won’t make any difference to the way your closet is organized. You need to take some initiative and look for storage units near you where you can take the clothes you no longer wear or the ones that you want to donate in the future. Storage units are not expensive to rent and they offer perfect conditions for keeping clothes away from damage. It’s a very effective way to keep your closet airy.

Use your suitcases

You probably have a couple of suitcases that you only use when you travel. Why not make good use of the space they provide and store some clothes that you won’t wear in the near future in them. Winter clothes that you don’t wear during summer can be safely placed inside a suitcase without worrying about them any longer. Your summer closet will be easier to organize and you’ll have plenty of space to add new items to your collection. Put your suitcases to use and do this for a downsized closet.

Keep, consign, store and donate

When you are deciding what to keep and what you shouldn’t keep, make sure you follow a strict rule. For instance, if the clothes have some sort of damage on them, you should think about consigning them to decide whether you’ll fix them or not. If you won’t fix them, throw them away or find them another use. If you have clothes that won’t fit you anymore, but they are in good conditions, donate them to the closest center. Assess every item in your closet in this manner, and you will soon be the owner of a very organized closet.