Clever Green Gift Ideas

Posted By on Mar 2, 2015

Green gifts are made of environmentally friendly materials. The most beautiful gifts are those given from the heart. And if, once you have thought about the love, you must have a good thought for the planet.If you give an original ecological gift, you are three times winner. First you treat someone with a gift. Then you stand out with a unique gift. By choosing consciously for  an “eco” gift, you also send an important message and you are immediately contributing to a better world.
Clever Green Gift Ideas Picture Clever Green Gift Ideas Picture

DIY green gifts

Drawing, knitting, preparing a dish, a mixture of spices, etc … start to express yourself and be creative! Need some inspiration? Websites like Tumblr or Pinterest are the perfect tools to find the most original ideas.

  • For friends who have everything they want, an alternative is to offer them an unique piece of artwork. There are artists who create miracles from recycled materials: you can find glassware, and jewelry made in this way. Also, you can also make unique artworks from recycled materials. You can find many tutorials on the internet that will help you to make a personalized gift for your friend.
  • Choose, for example, a woven basket and put all the goodies in it: chocolate, cheese, wine, vegetables and fruit purchased from the market. The basket can also be filled with food made by you: a jar of jam, jelly or cakes. Your friend will mostly appreciate the fact that you’ve spend some time on hand picking each and every item that is found in that basket.

Practical eco-friendly gifts

  • When it comes to choosing an eco-friendly gift, most people choose to offer a plant as a gift. While this is a great idea, you can take it a step further and opt for a potted herb. This gift is extremely practical and your friend will definitely enjoy it, especially if he/she likes cooking. Basil, rosemary or sage are aromatic herbs that are of great use for every aspiring chef, and not only!
  • There are practical gifts that you can give to anyone: water filters, low pressure showers, energy saving bulbs, programmable thermostat for home, solar lamps or solar kits for recharging laptops and mobile phones. These practical gifts would go great for Father’s Day since all men like practical gifts, especially if it helps them save some money. You can also find a lot of practical Father’s Day gifts on
  • Toys are some of the most popular gifts. However, plastic or wooden toys are doing harm to the planet. Instead, you can opt for soft toys, puppets made from organic cotton. These toys are healthier for children’s health and for the planet as they contain no pollutants.