Can climate change cause depression?

Posted By on Nov 3, 2018


Our society is witnessing the grim picture of an epidemic. Many people nowadays carry a heavy burden, but they aren’t willing to admit to it. Everyone is stressed out and depressed. But why? It’s believed that climate change has something to do with it. The damage that is caused by the change in global and regional climate patterns reduces people to tears. Becoming aware of its consequences makes individuals depressed.

The Earth is getting warmer

Can climate change cause depression

The world’s climate is getting hotter and hotter and it seems that nobody is willing to do anything about it. Scientists have been measuring the temperatures around the world for hundreds of years. According to their findings, the average temperature will continue to change due to the sun’s output, the tilt and position of Mother Earth, and the extremely high concentration of greenhouse gases. As the global climate continues to shift, floods, droughts, and fires will become more and more common.

About climate change depression

Those who don’t know what it’s like to have depression should really do some investigations. There are plenty of must-see movies about depression that can shed some light on the situation. When a person is depressed, that person experiences emotions like fear, anger, powerlessness, and more. Increasing ambient temperature can increase rates of aggression and violent suicides. The symptoms can last for a long time. Depression is very similar to feeling sad, which is the reason why most people don’t even know they’ve got it. There is a sensation of despair that just won’t disappear. It’s not hard to imagine how hard life is for these people.

Mental health and destabilization of the economy

Surprisingly, millennials are at a greater risk of depression. As a matter of fact, there is a depression epidemic in millennials. Individuals that have reached their adulthood in the 21st century care about climate change and they are severely affected by its consequences. When we think about mental illness in millennials, we wouldn’t say that the increasing ambient temperature is to blame. But it is. Climate change is making people depressed and destabilizing the economy. People’s livelihood is at threat, not to mention that, in some parts of the world, inhabitants are forced to relocate. Some believe that these events aren’t worth taking into consideration. Well, they are. The fact that the Earth is getting hotter and hotter is a serious issue and measures need to be taken immediately, or else society will suffer.