Benefits of Owning an Eco-Friendly Car

Posted By on Apr 20, 2015

Electric cars use an electric motor supported by a battery or power supply (or several) that is recharged from the mains. Currently, electric cars can be charged directly to the socket found in your home or garage. They represent a viable solution for reducing air pollution in large urban centers. If you plan to opt for a safer and much more environmentally friendly alternative, the electric car has many benefits that you’ll discover in this article.
Benefits of Owning an Eco-Friendly Car Picture Benefits of Owning an Eco-Friendly Car Picture

1. How much does it takes to charge an electric car?

Eco friendly cars are good option for the future, because electric vehicles emit no hydrocarbons or smoke. This is an important factor for the preservation of the environment. Electric cars are recharged in 8 hours, absorbing 2.400Wh, that is to say, about 2,4kWh. In the same time, a bulb consumes 100Wh 0,8kWh. In one year, the recharging of an electric vehicle is therefore equivalent to the consumption of 4 plasma TVs.

2. How much does it costs to recharge it?

Generally speaking, electric cars are not expensive to maintain and even to recharge. On averagem electricity costs are at $0.11 per kilowatt-hour. It is estimated that you have to pay $2 to $4 to fully charge an all-electric car.

3. When can I recharge the battery?

The vehicle can be recharged at any time: the battery does not suffer from the memory effect and no energy is dispersed when the engine is off. As for home appliances, it is best to recharge at night to benefit from lower prices at a time when energy demand is logically lower.
Modern technology allows electricity needed to supplement capture and conversion of solar energy; Some electric cars are equipped with solar panels on the hood, which automatically recharge the battery during the day. Electric cars can be powered either from the mains or from their own system of producing electricity through solar panels or mini wind turbines (if such facilities are available)

4. Why electric cars are “cleaner” than the endothermic vehicles?

Electric cars use energy more efficiently-by compared to thermal devices, which helps make them cleaner and more ecologically responsible. Comparing the two types of car and if one starts from a base of 100 for energy production of a vehicle, the electric model has a yield of close to 80 when he is only 20 a heat medium (the rest is dissipated during combustion sufficient for electrical production). Emissions from electric vehicles are generated by the production of electric power and not during his movement.

5. Are the power plants able to withstand recharging all electric vehicles?

Technology is constantly changing, which should allow time for the infrastructure to develop so that the distribution of the electric car is the widest possible. Concerning public places, there are now passes to recharge your car anywhere; roadside stations with possibility of rapid recharging diffuse (DC) and the stations where you can change the battery.