Are Microwave Ovens Eco-Friendly?

Posted By on Jan 21, 2015

The invention of the microwave has revolutionized the cooking process and has relieved many housewives from the long taking kitchen chores. Nowadays, you can hardly find a household that doesn’t have a microwave oven and people use it for many operations like defrosting, cooking or reheating. But since people are getting more and more concerned about the effects of appliances on nature, they started wondering how Eco-friendly microwave ovens are and if they can make these helpful appliances less harmful to the environment.
Are Microwave Ovens Eco-Friendly Picture Are Microwave Ovens Eco-Friendly Picture

You will use less energy when you cook in the microwave

Every appliance uses electricity in order to operate and the amount of electricity they require is what labels them as less or more Eco-friendly. The microwave oven cooks the food faster and more efficient, therefore they use less energy than other kitchen appliances like the oven or the stove. The fact that the amount of time required to cook a meal is shorter means that the device will operate less time and the energy consumption will me lower. This is one aspect that makes the microwave oven an Eco-friendly appliance. If you want to consume as little energy as possible, consider a compact microwave. If you read some compact microwave reviews, you will see that the energy consumed by these ovens is next to nothing.

The microwave oven does not emit heat

The microwave oven does not emit heat while it works, which you can’t say about the regular oven than can turn your house into a sauna. By emitting no heat, there will be no need for the air conditioner to work, which will also help you reduce the energy consumption and the harmful effect on nature.
Are Microwave Ovens Eco-Friendly Picture Are Microwave Ovens Eco-Friendly Picture

The microwave ovens can be recycled

Most parts of the microwave are recyclable, like the plastic and the glass components that can be easily removed and recycled. When you want to dispose of your old microwave, don’t simply throw it away, but call your county’s Solid Waste Disposal Bureau and see how you can safely get rid of your old appliance without causing damage to the environment.

There are no radiations in the microwave

Back in the days, microwave were considered harmful because people thought they released toxic radiations that could affect the health and the environment. Nowadays, the microwave ovens are thoroughly tested to make sure there are no dangerous levels of radiation leaking from the device. Replace your old microwave with a newer model that is safer, more comfortable to use and is more environmentally-friendly.
Are Microwave Ovens Eco-Friendly Picture Are Microwave Ovens Eco-Friendly Picture

Avoid plastic containers to keep the microwave safe to use

There can be dangerous emissions when you use the microwave if you use plastic containers that can release bad chemicals into the kitchen. Limit this risk by only using safe containers made of glass that does not react in any way with the microwaves.

Clean the microwave naturally to avoid additional consumption

Always keep your microwave oven clean naturally because dirty microwaves cook slower and use more energy. Avoid using chemical products to clean the interior of the oven and wipe it clean after inserting a bowl of water and turning on the unit. The water vapors will soften the dirt and the oven will be easy to clean.