5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter

Posted By on Jan 12, 2015

Water is an essential fluid that supports life and a healthy development of every living being on this planet, and it is vital that we use clean water in order to protect our bodies. However, the tap water is filled with contaminants, chemicals and deposits that can affect our health and the environment, so using a water filter can be the answer for a better life standard. Discover 5 reasons why you should use a water filter and see for yourself all the benefits it can offer you.
5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter Picture 5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter Picture

1. Tap water is dirty and harmful to the health

The water running at your tap is dirtier than you may think and even clean water in the first place becomes dirty before it reaches your glass because it runs through miles of pipeline and gathers contaminants, rust, heavy metals and pesticides on the way. The tap water is disinfected using harmful chlorine, ammonia and nasty chloramines, then fluoride is added, so the final result is very dangerous for your health.
5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter Picture 5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter Picture

2. Bottled water is not better nor cleaner

If you think the solution to replacing contaminated tap water is to drink bottled water, you can not be more wrong because chances are that you are paying extra money for the same tap water, only bottled in toxic plastic containers. Plastic bottles are made of petroleum and other chemicals and once water reaches these bottles it is likely to get contaminated. Not to mention the costs of buying bottled water daily, which increases your costs without bringing any benefit, so you should forget about drinking bottled water.
5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter Picture 5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter Picture

3. The contaminated tap water is also bad for your skin

If the contaminated water is bad for your body on the inside, it is also bad for it on the outside, because exposing your body to the chemical and chlorine in the water can seriously affect your skin when it gets into contact with the water and it is also bad for your lungs when you inhale the water vapors. You can get everything from allergies, itching and irritations, to severe breathing problems if you shower in dirty tap water.

4. You will use clean water for every purpose you need

Installing a water filter will bring you many benefits in every aspect, since you will be using clean water for multiple purposes. Besides the advantage of drinking and bathing in clean and filtered water, you will also enjoy tastier food if you have a water filter in your kitchen because there will be mo more chlorine and metals on your vegetables and fruits and your food will no longer absorb nasty odors and tastes. Just think about the delicious coffee you will get to sip every morning!
5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter Picture 5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filter Picture

5. Filtered water means a cleaner environment

You will not be the only one who will benefit from using a water filter, but the environment as well since there will be fewer residues and toxins going in the ground and in the air when you use filtered water. You appliances will also last longer as you will reduce the limescale and the deposits that gather on the working components, and your clothes and dishes will be cleaner and softer if you wash them in clean water, so the benefits are multiple.

If we’ve managed to convinced you of the benefits of owning a water filter, we also want to advise you to be very careful when buying such a product. The filtration technology is very important as it is the one which establishes what contaminants are to be filtered. In order to be certain that you are making the right choice, visit www.myhomewaterfilter.com. On that water filter review site, you will find the best filters on the market, analyzed based on their most important features.